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Waste Diversion Initiative Powered By Loraas

Waste Diversion Initiative

Directing unused materials away from the landfill.

An audit was conducted at the Saskatoon and found that 70% of waste was not actually garbage. This trash could have been diverted to different programs like recycling and compost. Sending fewer materials to the landfill contributes to lowering pollution, preserving natural resources, and cost savings. And we want to be part of that solution!

At the 2021 Nutrien Fireworks Festival, we are organizing five Waste Diversion Stations with the help of Loraas, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, and Girl Guides Saskatoon to reduce the amount of waste from the festival that gets put in our landfill.

Help us reduce our environmental footprint when you visit the Nutrien Fireworks Festival by taking your waste to one of the five STATIONS located around the festival site – in River Landing, Rotary Park and on the Traffic Bridge. Don’t know what goes in which bin? No problem! Members of the Saskatoon Girl Guides community will be there to sort the waste and make sure it gets into the right bins.

If you are interested in more information on the regulations and waste reduction, visit Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council link