Worlds Longest Chalk Mural

Join the Nutrien Fireworks Festival to celebrate Meewasin's 40th anniversary by attempting the Guiness World Book record for the longest sidewalk chalk mural! August 31, 2019, along the Meewasin trail.  fill a connected 6km x 2m section of the Meewasin Trail! Bring your friends and be part of history!  As a chalker, you'll need to register for either the 10am or 1pm start time associated with the area that you're interested in covering so that we ensure we have enough at each station! On the day of the event, we'll have tables set up at each of these locations that you'll need to visit and receive your wristband, chalk and some brief instructions. 6 Locations will serve as the registration and starting points of each section. Locations (watch for updates
  • Under the Broadway Bridge, in Cosmopolitan Park (East side of the river)
  • Under the University Bridge (East side of the river)
  • Top of the CPR (Train) Bridge (University Side)
  • The Prairie Lily Site (West side of the river)
  • Bottom of the University Bridge (West side of the river)
  • Behind Meewasin Office in Friendship Park (West side of the River)
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